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Fattoria Vittadini was born in Milan in 2009, by the will of eleven graduated dancers from the Dance-Theater Atelier at the Paolo Grassi School of Performing Arts. The goal was to remain together despite the differences in styles and tastes, creating “a place” for training, professional improvement, artistic growth (both as collective and individual), research and contamination with other artists.


The collective is shaped thanks to an artistic democratic practice that takes into account many different points of view, those of the dancers in the first place, but also of all the artists with which the collective decides to cooperate.


Fattoria Vittadini strongly believes that the best way to express is own art (coherently and meaningfully) is through the idea of collective itself and in the honest shared work of the group. At the same time, pursues the idea of supporting the individuality, allowing the eleven dancers to deepen their own personal research, within the collective or in external projects.


Because of this fluid structure, Fattoria Vittadini is a group particularly eclectic and versatile, able to put itself out there with different choreographers and external collaborators, adapting its own style to the variety of artistic languages proposed, increasing the level of expertise and also enriching the artistic path both for the collective and the dancers.


Thanks to this practice of contamination and collaboration, over the years Fattoria Vittadini has had the opportunity work together with important choreographers and directors.


In 2009 start a three-year artistic residency at Teatro Ringhiera di Milano, where, with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, the company developed projects and initiatives on the territory and first presented its shows to the audience.


In 2011 it is partner in RIC.CI – Reconstruction Italian Choreography from 1980 to 1990. The aim of the project, conceived by Marinella Guatterini, is to recover some of the most significant Italian contemporary choreographies of the ’80-’90. Fattoria Vittadini is executive producer and performer of “Duetto” by Virgilio Sieni and Alessandro Certini (the first of the 8 shows selected for the revival) and later part of the cast in “Calore” by Enzo Cosimi.


In 2012 the company begin a close collaboration with the Berlin-based duo matanicola (Nicola Mascia and Matan Zamir) that develops through workshops, improvisations and site-specific performances (Italy, Germany and France) which lead to the creation of the show “To this purpose only”. The production was supported by Progetto Next of Regione Lombardia. The show has been nominated by C.L.A.P.Spettacolodalvivo and selected as representative for Regione Lombardia for the Ministerial Call Teatri del Tempo Presente.


In 2014, following the request of the Amsterdam-based choreographer Giulio D'Anna to re-stage the award-winning show “O O O O O O O O” with a professional company, the collective works on “O O O O O O O (IT)”, a new show for and with Fattoria Vittadini (co-production Versiliadanza). The choreographer explored the theme of broken relationships starting from the life experiences of the dancers. Fattoria Vittadini with generosity and proficiency puts itself at the disposal in order to create a new Italian version of the show.

In July 2014 Fattoria Vittadini is the official dance company for the 40th edition of the Festival della Valle D'Itria, performing and choreographing many of the Operas presented by the festival.

Because of this partecipation, the company wins, in 2015, the prestigious prize Premio speciale Franco Abbiati "For the substantial presence of theatrical dance and stage movement (...) who provided original and alive theatrical matters."

Fattoria Vittadini discovers a lively interest in the world of Opera and starts to collaborate with important Italian and foreign Festivals and Opera Houses together with leading directors such as Fabio Ceresa, Arturo Cirillo, Leo Muscato and Benedetto Sicca.


In 2015 the company works together with the artist and choreographer Maya Matilda Carroll in the production Unraveled Heroes which premiered in Festival MILANoLTRE.


In 2016, through the international call "C4C – Call for Choreographer," Fattoria Vittadini selects the Spanish choreographer Daniel Abreu, with whom collaborates in the creation of the show Odio. The C4C is the result of an important and impressive operation started in collaboration with Festival Torinodanza, AMAT, ArteVen and Teatro Comunale di Vicenza.

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